"Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you." Jeremiah 29:12

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Dear god, open my eyes

Written to Jesus on November 30th, 2012

Dear lord, you died for me. For that, I will give all glory to you forever. Jesus, you have saved me everytime I have turned to you for help. You have never left my side. You have always opened my eyes to opportunities when I desperately felt there were no more grace or blessings that I deserved to receive. Jesus, I pray that you bless my family and the relationships I presently have. I pray that you watch over my mom, dad, brother, my extended family, my friends, those who I have yet to meet, and those all those whom I have already come into contact with. Jesus, I want to be consumed with you. I want to be empty and poor of myself, and I want to be made whole in your love so that I can share your love with the world. Jesus, I pray that I may be emptied of all my vain worry, selfish sin, and shallow concerns of this world. I pray that you fill me with your love and grace and that I live in such a way that reflects your goodness. Dear god, I want to be satisfied, and I understand that I can only be that way if I serve you completely. Jesus, I pray that you make me poor in spirit and empty of self. Help me to live in a selfless manner, and please help me to focus on others and impact their life in a positive way by being an example of your love. I suppose I pray this in a selfish manner because I hope to rid myself of my stupid and meaningless problems in this life. But maybe that’s why I need to pray this prayer. Jesus Christ, you are my savior. I pray that you will strip me of who I am and help me to focus solely on doing your work. God, I pray that you open my eyes to all the opportunities in this life, whether they be people or events. Help me to fun my purpose, what you want me to accomplish, in this world. Help me to clearly see what you desire me to. Help me to encounter those I am supposed to meet as well as go to wherever it is you lead. Dear god, I beg and PLEAD with you-teach me to see what you show me and help me to take advantage of the blessings and graces you offer. God, I want so badly to be empty of myself and to be ful of you. Jesus, I know that your plan for my life is perfect. I accept that whatever happens is unfolding in exactly the way you will it to. Please help me to fulfill my purpose within your plan in each moment. God, please help me to make my life a testament to your infinite power and love. God, I want to leave this earth having nothing left: I want to use everything you give me to save others, to show them your love, and expend all my power on the building of your kingdom. Dear god, you have never foresaken me–when friends left me, you presented me with better, healthier friendships rooted in you. You have always shown me the goodness after the struggle, and the little things I thought were “bad times”, you proved to me that they were for my greater good. God, please help me to remember that as I walk through this life. You never start work in my life without completing it and creating beauty and goodness as the outcome. God, please use me as a force in this world to spread you truth. Help me to be a part of other people’s goodness at the end of their pain. Help me to follow your plan, to put you first, to live selflessly, to praise your name, to put you in focus, to positively affect others, to change lives, to create good and joy, and to be an example of your ministry. Jesus, help me to do your work and to be poor in spirit. Help me to meet whomever it is I need to meet, to say what I need to say, and to act in accordance of your will. God you have never failed me. For that I make it my mission to be a human testament of your goodness. Help me to never fail you. I desire to please you and to love with all my heart more than anything else. God, please keep my eyes open. Please help me to recognize Oppurtunity to cause change rooted in your truth. I pray that you help me love you throughout my journey, in the good and the bad. Lead me, Jesus. Show me the way. Open my eyes. I am here to do your work. I pray that you will bless my family, friends, and future relationships. I desire you, lord. Let me do your work. I love you. Thank you for loving me. I pray thy whoever reads this knows that I love them and am praying for them. I send out love and positivity and friendship to whoever reads this, and I pray that god will bless you and that your prayers will be answered. God bless. THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE! Amen.

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Comment from Pitre
Time February 25, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Amen. Very beautiful prayer.

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