"Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you." Jeremiah 29:12

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Written to Jesus on June 20th, 2011

Dear Jesus,

Today was the worst day of my life. I hate father’s day. My dad left us 25 years ago, my step-dad is a real dick and my husband’s father just died three weeks ago. How can we stop these forced celebrations? Why should we be reminded and tortured with bad thoughts? To sell more Hallmark cards, to wish dad a great day, to buy dad a new tie or a mug? Fuck, give me a break. My dad doesn’t deserve a mug, not even a cheesy ass mug from cafe press. My step-dad kicked me out when I was 18. So fuck him too. I am angry today, Jesus. Please help me stop. I mean, I don’t want to ruin it for everyone else. Father’s day is okay if your dad or step-dad is not a dick. Just help me Jesus get through another year and stop the memories of my father who abandoned us. I want to think about good things in June, not my mother crying and my brother cutting himself in the bathroom. I just want these memories to go away.


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Comment from Mari
Time November 27, 2011 at 2:59 am

I am so sorry that Father’s Day gives you so much pain. I loved my father dearly and I miss him, but if your father did not deserve your love, well it is his fault not yours. Ignore Father’s Day and be happy.

Comment from Help Me Jesus
Time December 7, 2011 at 4:52 am

dont worry..
i know it’s so hard but trust me, god will reshape your hard heart to be another wise guy :)

Comment from larry
Time December 12, 2011 at 8:12 pm

it took me lifetime to stop hating and feeling sorry for myself, then I asked Jesus to help me
and i truly opened my heart to Jesus, for the first time, I see him everywhere, life is so wonderful,
its just so wonderful, Love is louder :-)

Comment from vijay
Time April 10, 2012 at 1:31 am

god jecus help me O Lord i am in big danger .god i did the most stupid thing in the world father jecus help me so some mercy father jecus help me my lord before i become demon help me my lord

Comment from vijay
Time April 10, 2012 at 1:37 am

As the rule said no deomon was born in 2000 but it give birth to uncontroble, indistroyable thing called internet (6.6.6) which is demon some of them misunderstood it was somebody else it was the internet by which fucture generation distroyed

Comment from vijay
Time April 10, 2012 at 1:41 am

father i did something which no man shood done you know that jecus i dont know wheather i have any mercy but pls grand me mercy jecus help me form me help me form demon which was inside help me fomr other works help me from my love help me my lord please

Comment from J.
Time August 23, 2012 at 2:49 pm

I have sinned against God, I have went my own way and led by seducing spirits. I gave my self over to pornography, masturbation, fornication, lying, and just an altered mind state altogether. i have disrepected reputed gangleaders, mob bosses and organizations under demon power. I used to get on the internet and would fall into trances, and when I come out things would be all wrong. Death is stalking me, and I need help. Its been four years and I still get harrassed.All these things were done under demonic influence. Its pretty serious. Since then I have given my self totally (the best I could) over to the lord Jesus Christ. Sadly tho the consequences of my sins still follow me and try to torment me. The enemy hates me, and wants to kill me. I am barred and blackballed seems like from every aspect of society. I have had several spiritual encounters in which demons taunt me. Its pretty terrible, however I still am trusting in the true and living God. It’s like because of what im going through God has allowed me to see the truth of alot of things. The enemy has control over the people christians and non christians alike. Its very seroius. I have been kicked out of every church I have attended. Once in my home a demon stood there and told me, I’m going to kill you, you mother *****. I was so depressed and possessed I was like what ever, then the demon left, but while it was leaving, I said ha! i’ll just go to church. It immediately re appeard and said ” this is going to be interesting” and it left. Well that was about six years ago and I have seen demons lead the pastor, worship, prayers and everything else and I have been banned from churches by the pastors and their followers. Yes!!!!! it’s that serious. He has everyone that see’s me hate me. I see spirits in people its so horrible. even with christian artists, im seeing things. Nothing is as what it seems, I have opened some pretty serious doors, and I need help and fellow ship with true believers. I tossed out my christian cds the lord revealed to me hidden messages from the enemy himself. So please I need to link with true believers. And pray for me, I need it. They want to kill me. Oh and yes I repented from all of these wrongs that I did, and told people I was sorry. The have so many lies out here about me and has ruined my reputation, image, name and everything esle. I need total healing and restoration. Please ya’ll pray for me and with me. I want to be free from these bondages, also I walk in constant fear of people knowing where I live, or just going to my car its pretty serious. I’ve angered some real gangsters and mob figures under demonic persuasion. I need you Jesus, and I need you guys to stand with me if thats possible. thank you. Also, im tired of being video recorded everywhere that I go. My home is wired and tapped. I go out and people are recording me with cell phones and cameras. I have no private life. I opened some pretty serious doors, and I need you guys to pray with and for me that these curses would finally stop. I am dealing with spiritual wickedness in high places. Also, they think im gay. I am not gay, I am not on the downlow, I am not a tranny, Im not into any same sex activities nor have I ever been, or any other foolishness. I am a straight male that loves my wife period. I need your help.

My report: is that God has blessed me with a beautiful wife, and blessed us with a beautiful little girl who will be three this year, and also we will be having our new baby in a few months. God is good. We are also very proud of the fact that we are, H.I.V NEGATIVE. we give God all the praise and all the glory. I wanted to share that with you all as well. We are H.I.V NEGATIVE. We are completely healthy are are bearing healthy beautiful children. We still need pray though cause this spiritual war is not a joke.

Comment from toni
Time August 24, 2012 at 3:22 am

J, i have read your prayer and i have a web site that will help you, they have ministry to help people like you who have been involved with the occult and with “alien” interaction (demon)s it is called CE4 research and if that will not find it then alienresistence dot org, I pray that you find help, there is a christian teacher on yt that is called watchalan, he teaches well especially of using the proper name of God which is Yahweh,

Dear Lord God Yahweh,

Your most beloved child needs your powerful help, I know that Worship and Love and the name of Jesus are the most freeing and powerful things that we can do in the face of the enemy. Lord God, untangle this mans mind, make it whole as your word says, let him give from the goodness that you have already given him, lead him on the pa.th of righteousness and touch him lord so that he can boldly go to your throne and ask he father Yahweh for his needs, and for him to know, KNOW the true worship of Yahweh that he should not fear and call on the name of Jesus every minute AMEN

Comment from godwyn
Time July 7, 2013 at 3:06 pm

I am sorry to hear about your dad may be he had his problem, maybe he was sick ask Jesus to forgive him and best of all be a good dad yourself and I am sure Jesus will bless you

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