"Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you." Jeremiah 29:12

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God, I’m so tired. Please help me.

Written to God on July 23rd, 2015

God, I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. Which takes toll on my physical well-being. I’ve never experienced this much stress, anxiety, worry, and depression in my life. Because I feel down, I feel emotionally useless for my wife. I feel like I am the weakest I’ve been. Expectations are killing me inside. So many things in my head. I need Your help with all the things that I am worried and anxious about. Thank You God.

my love chinu

Written to Gawd on May 4th, 2015

he mere sai koti koti pranam baba…ap mere kast jante he..kitne dard me ji rahi hu ye apke bina aur koi nahi samajh payega..ab kast ye dard saha nahi jata..kripa karo baba..sab bolte he chinu wapas nahi ayega aur bol rahe he ye sab timepass tha…agar ap mere liye he to mere biswas tutne na dena baba..agar ap mere liye he to agle 24 ghonte me kuch chamatkar kar dijiye baba..sab ap par chodti hun…mere aur chinu ka rishta thik kar dijiye baba..ye apke bachi ka apse dukh bhari prarthana he…

please god help save my marriage

Written to God on May 4th, 2015

please od ask that you forvige me for my sins lord and please touch my wifes herat to forgive me for I don’t want to be without her in my life I love her lord and I will do anything to get her back please lord im begging you for forgive ness and I ask that you please help save my marriage and help with her to forgive me for you arfe the one who can do this I ask in jesus name amen

Prayer request

Written to Jesus on May 4th, 2015

I am a true christian and born christian. now i am 36 years and single i am waiting for life partner i am praying for many years regarding this meter. why didn’t God reply my prayer? did God forget me? i save truly . i couldn’t trust Jesus now. what can i do. please pray for me.

i need job

Written to Jesus on May 4th, 2015

My jesus .i am 27 years old.i got married.my girl is pregnant.but i not getting job.i am searching job since last 1.6 years but not getting good job.plz help me.jesus.i need good job in this situation plz help me jesus,plz help me amen

My daughters and i.

Written to God on May 4th, 2015

Dear God my kids are no longer children but have grown into fine young ladies.One sixteen and one nineteen. I’m not asking for anything financial because no matter what we have little or lots we have each other and no other gift in the world could be greater.Thank you for that.

Where can I turn????

Written to God on May 4th, 2015

2014 What a tough year

I have never been so happy so see a year come and go as I am to see 2014 leave. This year has been one of the of the toughest years that my kids and I have had to endure!!!
It all started around early February, I had become very ill and was hospitalized for severe dehydration. It appeared that I needed to have a bad gallbladder removed. The company that I worked for at the time felt that it would be best to lay me off as I was unable to perform my daily job duties. I was laid off two days before I had to go in for surgery. Little did I know at the time that I would have no income!!!! I was employed with them for such a short period of time that I had no unemployment benefit. I was out of work with absolutely no income. I contacted creditor and my other obligations to advise of my situation. It was no surprise when most of them basically said “That really sucks for you, you still need to pay us.” As I explained to them I will do everything that I can!!! So every month, I did what I could to pay my bills, I was not able to make full payments, but I was doing the best I could. I was down to the basic, bare necessities. I reached out for assistance and was told by most that I did not qualify for any state or government aide. I wasn’t looking for a hand out, just a hand up!!! I was able to find employment two months after being laid off. I took a huge pay cut of $42k per year. I did not let that discourage me and I kept pushing to do the best that I could to survive. In August my son got a really bad staff infection, it was very scary!! He had to have three surgeries in one week. His total bill was $73000.00. We were fortunate and had health insurance, but this added an additional debt that I can’t afford to pay. Once again I applied for assistance with public service, food stamps, just something to help, but was denied every where. My credit has tanked, I get threatening phone calls and letters from creditors. Please someone tell me where can I turn for some help!!!! I have become very depressed feeling like a failure, not able to support my kids the way a parent should. I’ve had thoughts of suicide, I’ve gone without eating just to make sure that my children have food! If anyone has any advise please share with me. I don’t know if I can continue this much longer. I can barely pay my rent, and I’m afraid that I will lose my home and have no place for me and my kids. Why is it that no one seems to care!!! How do I save me and my kids???? Where can I find help????

Heal my spouse harden heart and sins for our marriage

Written to Jesus on May 4th, 2015

Please heal my spouse harden heart to be able to listen to Your words so my spouse will repent his/hers sins. My spouse has lost his/hers sight of the truth to Satan, and are not able to see the reality and consequence of lies. Please show him/her the truth of Satan work, so he/she can repent his/hers sins. Please soften his/hers heart and has remorse to all the people whom love him/her and show him/her how he/she can be helped. Lord, teach me how to pray and love my spouse unconditionally rather than with tough love, as my spouse has fallen into the sins of the world. I am standing, praying and waiting for my spouse to come to his/hers senses. Lord Jesus, show me Your will and way to fight for my marriages. Lord Jesus, may you give me true unconditional love for my spouse every day, regardless of his/hers words, his/hers actions and his/hers lifestyle. Lord, reignite and rekindle our hearts as spouses to love each other unconditionally and remove any and all unforgiveness in both of our hearts. Lord, fill us both up with Your love, mercy, grace and forgiveness that can only come from the Holy Spirit so we can rebuild on the solid foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ forever. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Please save me and show me the correct path of perfection

Written to Krishna on May 4th, 2015

Lord Krishna, Thank for giving me this beautiful life. I don’t have any lust but i want your guideline to run in correct path of perfection. Right now i forget my target and I am going in wrong direction. I don’t want to do the wrong things but my current situation makes me to go there. I have good job, good family, My income is sufficient to run 5 families in big cities. But due to my very big mistake its not sufficient for my self.

I pray you to show me correct path of perfection so that i can show my self in this real world. I have everything god but i need your correct guidance. I am guiding all but why should i am not able to follow my own guideline. I am daily planing but i am not able to follow.

Please take me in your lotus feet. Give me some sunshine give me rain, Give me another chance i wanna grow up once again.

my mother

Written to Shiva on May 4th, 2015

mjhe apne bare mei btani ki koi zarurat ni h… mahadev mai pareshaan ho chuki hu apni life se… meri life mei bht pareshaaniyaa hai.. plz kch karo..maa ki tbiyt thk rakho… bhai or papa ka kaam chalao….ghar mei bhot musobat aa gayi hai main pdhayi krne bhar jana chahti hu apne sapne pura krna chahti hu…plz bhagwan ji mahadev please meri suno…maa ki tbiyt bhai or bhabi ki naukri..
papa ka kaam… parivaar ka tutna…meri pdhayi… sbh thk krdo mahadev….

I feel alone

Written to Krishna on May 4th, 2015

Dear God,
I’m a 20 years old woman. I’ve everything in my life. I’ve a wealthy and loving family who always worries about me. I’m going to be a well educated dentist in a few years. I’ve everything that anyone can ever dream about. But in all these years I’ve never experienced love. It feels like a hole in my heart, it pains for no reason. I feel alone God, specially when i see all my friends who are with their loved ones. It feels terrible.
Yet on the other hand i’m scared to even think about being in a relationship due to all the complications it brings along. Since the starting of this year i even thought the idea of leading a life alone on your own was a great choice but I’m confused now. I don’t know what to do. I want to experience it but I’m scared to be in a commitment with anyone. It feels terrible my Lord. Please give me an answer to my confusion

Your beloved daughter,

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